Master Trainer

The preparation to become a Ginastica Natural Master Trainer request a deeply dedication and constantly update. The auditions are made annualy where the selected instructor has the opportunity to become a Master Trainer.

Master Trainer

  • Dedication is a lifelong process that begins with the commitment to be the best of the best .

    The decision and commitment to become a Ginastica Natural Master Trainer comes from the strong desire to teach the technical concept and principles of Ginastica Natural at a level of prominence both for you and for new instructors and clients.

    Becoming a Master Trainer is the result of its recognition, innovation, organization and deep knowledge about the applications, techniques, and conducts mission established by Ginastica Natural Education Department.

    The experience of having taught numerous classes, with customer retention, training of motivated and committed teams, plus the spread of well-being and quality of life and health are attributes responsibility for this appointment .

    Serving with responsibility for training new instructors, GNMT (Ginastica Natural Master Trainer) is a leader who helps develop and shape new instructors in future courses, and monitor .

  • Benefits of a GNMT:

    All the benefits of a GNA member;

    Be paid teaching instructor training;

    Attend tradeshows, events, conventions and workshops around the world

    Participate in exclusive trainings with Professor Alvaro Romano, and GN technical staff, with cases studies, strengthening educational aspects and constructive exercises at different levels

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