Master Preparation Cycle

The preparation to become a Master Trainer requires dedication, constant updating. The selection process for the preparatory courses are annually selected where the instructor has the opportunity to become a Master Instructor of Ginastica Natural.

Master Preparation

  • Content:

    Intensive course for teaching methodology to teach the instructor to become a leader and above all a propagator of Ginastica Natural method via audition process. Testing, updates and mix of theory and practice are topics covered.

  • License:

    A certificate of completion is issued after the conclusion of the course.

  • Duration:

    24 hrs in 3 days.

  • Prerequisite:

    Working knowledge of Ginastica Natural format including teaching Ginastica Natural group classes for a minimum of 18 months and to be a mamber of GNA (Ginastica Natural Affiliation).

    An audition and interview will be done by Ginastica Natural Education Department.

  • Support Material

    Comprehensive course manual and exercises guide – Level 1

    DVD Review with exercises library.

Ginastica Natural

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