By joining our team of propagators of welfare, you’ll be enrolled in the GNA™ Membership, and access to a wide variety of content. The GNA™ Membership program was designed specifically to enhance your knowledge and value as a professional instructor, providing marketing, online resources, valuable discounts on our products and training tips making you a successful professional and leverage your business during your journey.

Our GNA™ Membership tools include:

  • Get listed in the Instructor Finder at Ginastica Natural® website – where clients search for Ginastica Natural® instructors in their area.

  • Online profile to promote you and your classes – includes profile and contact information update.

  • Online resources, training tips and promoting chance to be featured in our tradeshows DVD’s, Apparel and Workshop discounts.

  • Right to use the Ginastica Natural® registered trademark after successful course completion.

  • Commitment to training, continuing Education and the ability to stay updated with the latest advances in health and fitness, are the elements to become the best possible instructor and coach.

  • Be part of our family; spread quality of life to your clients and the world.

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